Home Remedy For Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs or more commonly known as razor bumps, are hairs that have curled around and grown back into the skin instead of rising up from it. If you are someone that shaves or waxes frequently, you know the pain of ingrown hair. Regardless of your hair removal method, it is also more prone to occur with people who have curly hair.

The appearance of an ingrown hair is similar to that of a pimple; a raised red bump and it may cause swelling, inflammation, pain and irritation in the area. Although this is not a serious issue, it can sure be an irritating problem. The remedies to this problem are very easy and effective. The following are some home remedies for ingrown hair:

  • Tweezers
    First, apply warm compress to the area of the ingrown hair. Once the hair is closer to the surface area, use a point tipped tweezers to pluck the hair above the skin. Remember to not pluck the hair out, as this can be painful. Rather your mission here is to help the ingrown hair come out of the surface of your skin.
  • Salt
    Salt is something that can be easily accessed in your household and is a great exfoliating agent, which loosens up your ingrown hair. On top of that, it also helps increase circulation, reduce swelling and promote healing. All you have to do is mix one and a half teaspoon of table salt with a cup of lukewarm water and stir the mixture until it is dissolved. Use a cotton ball to gently rub the mixture across affected area, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it off with water. Do this twice a day until your ingrown hair clears out. Alternatively, you could also add salt in your bath and soak yourself.

Ingrown hair can be a pain, but these simple remedies can come to your rescue and help you flaunt smooth and silky skin!

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