Healthy Hair Hack: Reduce Hair Loss with This Home Made Remedy


       Have you ever look at the hair commercials and wanted an amazing hair like the models have? Does it look fake to you?


Can it be really possible to have healthy hair without paying tons of dollars? Here is a home made remedy with your hair. You can use this for any hair style. It is a simple organic home made hair treatment. Just try it at least once, you will see the big difference.

1 Glass Plain Yogurt

1 Table Spoon Honey

1 Table Spoon Salt (yes, you read it right)

Directions: Mix the plain yogurt with honey and salt. Massage the hair for 10 minutes. Cover your hair with stretch film. Keep it for 30 minutes. Wash it throughly.

If you do this 2 times each week then once every month will help you reduce hair loss and you will get rid of the dried hair scalp.


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