Health Benefits Of Pets

Have you been questioning whether to take in that irresistibly adorable cat from the pet store? Or whether your Labrador’s puppy dog eyes are simply worth all the cleaning up after? Well here are a few little known benefits that your furry friends bring to your health that prove pets really are worth all the trouble.

  • Adios Allergies

Contrary to popular belief, families who tend to be allergy prone should not hesitate to share their roof with an animal, unless your allergies are directly aimed at your pet. Otherwise having an animal by your side can reduce the risk of allergies and conditions such as asthma, eczema, and improve your immune system.

  • Mental Health

Doctors often suggest patients that suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression to take in a canine companion. Pet owners are believed to be at a lower risk of depression, which is attributed to the strong bond that is formed. Spending time with your pet also heightens levels of serotonin and dopamine, which helps with anxiety and distress.

  • Heart Healthy

Pets are highly recommended for people that suffered a heart attack as patients with a pets were found to survive longer.  People with a pet roaming around the house displayed less signs of heart disease, lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels compared to people who did not own pets.

  • Emotionally Elevating

Pets have the ability to improve emotional health as they have the ability to help uplift their owner’s mood. Those who take care of an animal tend to have a higher self esteem, better social skills and are less lonely and more confident. 

  • Loving Environment

Perhaps the most important reason why pets are the MVPs when it comes to health- is that they give you unconditional love. When times are hard they’ll be ready by your side to nothing makes one feel better than being cared for and nothing makes one feel better than unconditional companionship.

So, bring home a furry friend and be prepared to build happy memories!


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