Hair Care Product Chemicals That Can Ruin Your Hair

While some hair care products make your hair look healthier, some cause harm. Hair care products have chemicals in them that can ruin your hair. Here are some hair care products that can ruin your hair and have the potential to do more harm than good:

Hair relaxers

A relaxer is a type of lotion or cream generally used by people with tight curls or very curly hair which makes hair easier to straighten by chemically “relaxing” the natural curls. However, this may break chemical bonds in a curly hair as it contains lye that may cause hair breakage and skin irritation.

Hair dyes or colors

Permanent coloring treatments may cause hair loss, irritation, redness and burning, creating serious problems. Semi-permanent hair coloring treatments options are safer than permanent ones. Before coloring your hair, test a small amount on your wrist to check whether the chemical irritates your skin or not. After all, its better to be safe than sorry.

Hair bleachers

After some time of coloring your hair, you may wish to change colors, in which case bleach is used to remove color and stains from the hair. This chemical lightens your hair color and increase hair breakage or damage in the process. Once the bleach is applied, your hair becomes dry and damage looking. Be mindful of the coloring and bleaching intervals to avoid this problem. 

Shampoos and conditioners

Shampoos remove all the dirt, grime/ grease / oil in our hair. Our skin, scalp and hair produce its own oil called sebum, this oil actually protects our skin or hair. However, too much sebum may lead to acne and oily hair. Shampoo removes this oils, but if it done excessively, it removes the protective coating or sebum off your hair resulting in dry and damaged hair. 

The solution is not to stop styling or using products on your hair, just be mindful of the ingredients and what works for your hair. 

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