Going to the Gym and Outdoor Cardio

Are you confused whether you should join the gym or go outdoors for cardio? Do you want to compare the benefits of each of these to choose the best for you? Knowing more about the exercises you do indoors or outdoors can help you enjoy the best of the workouts you do. For this reason, let’s compare the two types: going to the gym and outdoor cardio.

Going to the gym

If you live in a place where it’s too hot during summer and too cold during winter, the best choice is to go to the gym. No one likes sunstroke and heat fatigue or hypothermia and frostbite while exercising. Also, while working out, staying away from the pollution of the city is a must. Get an instructor so that you can make full use of your gym membership with different types of cardio.

However, to save money, to get vitamins from the sun and to feel fresh with the natural environment, leave aside the gym and try outdoor cardio.

Outdoor cardio

One of the best parts about working out outside is getting Vitamin D from the sun. Working out plus sun exposure is great for the human body as it keeps the body healthy in physical terms as well as in immunity terms. Even though the number of exercises you can do outside is limited, starting the day with outdoor cardio is believed to make you fresh throughout the day.

Going to the gym and outdoor cardio, both, have great benefits in their own different ways. For the best results, make sure your workout routine mixes indoor and outdoor exercise. This way, you can grab the benefits of both indoor and outdoor cardio.

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