Getting Rid Of Facial Hair

Unless you’re trying to grow a beard or a mustache, you probably don’t like facial hair, especially when you want to look clean and shaven. Women bleach, tweeze or thread their facial hair and men shave. But if you are interested in getting rid of unwanted facial hair, like unibrows, here are a few home remedies.

  1. As per a study, drinking spearmint tea can help women to reduce excessive hair growth in the face and body. So, boil a cup of water, add fresh spearmint leaves or dried spearmint, let is steep for about 10 minutes then strain it and drink.
  2. A mask of lemon juice and honey can help to remove facial hair due to its stickiness. Plus the moisturizing and hydrating properties of this mixture cleanses and softens your skin.
  3. Make your own sugar wax. First, mix two parts granulated sugar with one part of honey and water combined. Then, heat the mixture until it bubbles and browns. After allowing it to cool, use a spatula to apply it on areas with unwanted facial hair. Place a cloth strip over it, smoothen it out and rip it off in direction opposite to hair growth.
  4. Sugaring is a technique similar to waxing except its less painful and requires you to pull the hair in the direction of its growth. For this, add a palm full of granulated sugar and a few drops of lemon juice to a quarter cup of boiling water. Continue to heat the mixture and let it to simmer in low-medium heat for about 25 minutes until it turns dark. After powdering your face, spread the mixture, put a strip of cloth over it, smoothen it, let it stay for a few minutes then pull in the direction of hair growth.

Use these home remedies to remove all unwanted facial hair.


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