Garlic Skin Care Tips

The after effects of garlic, post a meal can be off-putting because of its strong odor, but, it has amazing after effects on your skin. Garlic is one of the most valued elements when it comes to skin care due to its amazing beauty and health benefits including clearing pimples to healing cold sores. Here are some garlic skin care tips you should adopt:

  • For ulcers or thrush

If you have any ulcers or thrushes bothering you, smear garlic oil on them. If the ulcer is open, smear gently around the skin. If you have mouth sores, spread the garlic oil directly on it and leave it there as long as possible. It also helps if you increase your consumption of vitamin C to accelerate the results.

  • For acne and pimples

In the case of pimples, prepare a garlic paste and apply it unfiltered on the pimples at night, with a clean face. Leave the garlic on for a few minutes and then wash your face with mineral water and apply aloe vera gel. In the case of acne, prepare the garlic paste and filter the oil. Put green clay into a cup and add some water so you can apply it on your face. Before the clay, spread the garlic oil on your face, then put the clay.

  • For fungus and dandruff

For fungus, it is recommended to filter coconut oil and garlic juice with a cloth. Use the mixture and gently apply it over the affected areas and then cover with plastic to let it sit for a few hours before rinsing. For dandruff, thoroughly smear the scalp with the coconut oil and garlic juice mixture. Wear a shower cap and leave it on for a few hours before washing.

Now that you’re aware of the beauty benefits of garlic, make sure it’s handy around your vanity. 

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