Featuring: Thom Gardner, Hair, Grooming, Boyfriend, Travel Vlogger

Name : Thom Gardner

Channel Alias : Thomas In Action (years active – Like 3 or something)

Channel Type : Hair/Grooming/Boyfriend/Travel

Age : 22 🔮

Sub Count : 25,000 and counting 😉

Total Channel View Count : 2,600,000 ad counting 😈

For : Loving yourself and people who are close to you, feeling beautiful, indulging and keeping your attention ONLY on what you want. 🗝

Against : Being mean to others just because they have what you don’t, Excuse Making & Lack of Originality. 🔫

Tagline : If you can be happy with having nothing, then you are ready to have everything.

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How were you inspired to begin your channel? Where did you start?

TG: It’s actually pretty funny but my channel was born through an insecurity of mine. I was really craving attention in my life, the idea of random people wanting to know what I’m doing in my day to day life really just appealed to me at the time. Typical fame seeker I guess, I just really wanted to feel like I mattered (it all makes sense now but yeh you get the picture lol.) Anyway, just to fast forward a bit, when I was 18 on my pursuit of “wanting to feel like I matter” I ended up scoring an Audition for Big Brother UK and during the audition process another contender said I was a smart ass and that I reminded him of Sam Pepper. I was like who??? turned out sam was a Big Brother contestant years ago and was really funny. However, I never got into Big Brother but when I got home I was curious about this Sam fellow and decided to search him on youtube. First video I came across
was a video of Sam & Joey Graceffa doing some random blender juice challenge with ketchup & heaps of gross shit like that and I saw that it had 1,000,000 views and I was like WHAAATTT!?!?! It then occurred to me that there was in fact kids out there that were getting fame & attention without the yes or no from a producer or director AND I also learned you could get paid for just being you. I thought OMG yes brilliant, I’m doing this and began my pursuit to conquer social media. To cut the story short, I’m a little bit impatient and 3 months after uploading pointless videos of myself I only had 40 subscribers and thought F#ck It, I’m not getting anywhere, gave up & just went back to
craving attention from a foreign source. I still have no idea why it was so appealing but it just was. I just needed to have it. Anyway, 1 year later I was like, errrrhhhhh my life sucks and decided to move to Canada. I had a job lined up ready to go working at Hard Rock in Toronto as I was working in surfers paradise and they lined everything up for me (woohoo). When I got to Canada life was cool, I was somewhere foreign but I was still bored… and decided to grab the camera out again. This is where it started to take off, I had a couple of cool ideas like, room decoration, nude beaching etc did them all and got a bit of attention and then I ran out of ideas, so I ended up doing a Top Knot tutorial, I reckon it’s my worst video on record compared to now but that video is what made me lol. I randomly got 40,000 views in 2 weeks and a heap of subscriptions, It was then clear to me there was a need for men’s hair styling out there. At the time I didn’t really know much about hair but it struck curiosity in me to learn. After doing some research and sharing what I knew, I began to form a community of hair lovers who not only found my tips useful but they found me funny too! And Kaboom, from there I’ve grown into what I am now. I think what I was lacking in the beginning was a bit of passion for something. As time goes on now, I’m less and less worried about my view count or subscriber number, it’s more about my audience engagement and quality of my content.

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it?

TG: Instead of being fame hungry and wanting people to notice me, I’m more on a journey of self development and figuring out who I am. When you know who you are & what you like, ideas come to you easily and you are more focused & motivated to create exactly what you want. I’m passionate about this because I’ve seen first hand that it works. If my interest for hair has created a whole community in my present, imagine what I could do with the other interests in my life for the future.

What’s your favorite aspect of the beauty and hair industry?

TG: I would have to say my favourite thing about the beauty industry is the ability to be a “Human Chameleon”. The ability to dramatically change your look is the most powerful ability in my eyes. Hair & Beauty products should be used to show your diversity, not to cover up your natural beauty that SOOO many people consider to be ugly.

What makes your brand unique from other beauty/hair channels?

TG: I’m not really a Brand, I’m a person and I think I differ from most because A) I’m from Australia, and at this current point in time there aren’t too many boy youtube beauty/hair channels. B) I’m gay, I haven’t seen too many other guy hair channels rock the gayness, which I find extremely weird actually. You’d think they’d all be gay haha but then again I might just be stereotyping here lol C) I’m not just a beauty channel, I showcase my love for hair but I also do other types of content like Travel, Vlogging with my boyfriend and sometimes I chuck in a bit of cooking and arts and craft. As long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing then I will attract the right people.

How do you organize/plan out your content?

TG: Oh god, usually I have a list of ideas that I want to see come to life and hack away at them depending of my interest level. If I’m feeling hair, I do hair, If I’m hungry, we do food lol. you get get the picture. When it comes to editing I run it through my brain quickly for techniques and stuff, make sure it’s gunna work the way I thought it out and then make it. I always choose my music when editing, I never pre pick it because sometimes you think it’s gunna work and it just turns out shit. I always upload the night before and schedule it for 7.30 am the next morning 🙂 the days always vary at the moment too (the joys of doing whatever you want I call it.)

What is your goal for your channel? Dreams?

TG: I’d eventually like to become a channel that does a bit of everything. I’m not just a “Tips for Hair Factory”, I’d really like to influence young people to be bold and stand out if they feel like it. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are stuck it a box, it’s a one way ticket to Fucking Insanity, So no thanks.

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the beauty/hair industry?

TG: If you wanna make it in the beauty industry make sure you are really really really passionate about it, because when it’s all you talk about you can get sick of it pretty damn quick, honestly sometimes doing my hair on camera makes me flustered and pissed off, it’s not all pretty smiles. Youtube Creators aren’t just self made famous people who have lot’s of followers for doing jack shit. You actually have to work super hard and consistently in order to get what you want, and if you are a fame seeker like I used to be… stop asking for shoutouts and go earn those followers, you’ll feel way more accomplished. It all starts with figuring out what you are obsessed with, once you know that you become a machine.

What are your favorite hair products?

TG: At the moment I’m on a healthy hair rampage. I’m not worried about styling, I’m worried about the health. My 2 favourite products to keep my hair in a healthy state are by a brand called Bhave and are as follows. (they are expensive but amazeballs)

1. Bhave – Leave In Creme

2. Bhave – Riot Control

What products are you currently using on a daily basis?

1. Bhave – Leave In Creme

2. Bhave – Riot Control 

3. Spin For Perfect Skin Brush 

4. At home Teeth Whiting Kit 

5. Sebastion Trillant Heat Protector

6. Bhave – Hydrator Shampoo

7. Bhave – Deep Intense Conditioning Masque

What’s your personal style? 

TG: I like weird, If it’s not “weird” it’s not really questionable or that interesting to me. Curiosity is an amazing thing so when I put something together whether it be hair, clothes, art or whatever, I want want my audience to ask “How” or Why?”, it means they are interested. So I guess the real answer to the question is… I’m not
sure lol

How does your personal style influence your branding?

TG: Well I like my branding to come across somewhat sweet but a little bit dark, I love pulling an expressionless face when I pose but using cute pastel colours to bring my cuteness forward. I think I just want people to see a big question mark when they think of me lol.

What’s your favorite brand and why?

TG: My favourite brand is most certainly Bhave, reason being is because my hair is so freaking coarse and curly that it takes a lot to tame it. The Keratin hair treatment by bhave relaxes my hair really well and all the leave in cremes & oils & shampoos & conditioners really do their job in keeping the treatment lasting longer but also maintaining a healthy state. to me healthy hair is everything.

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