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How were you inspired to begin your channel? 

ThriftersAnonymous started off as a personal club between My BFF EDWINA and I sharing our love of thrifting. After countless hours at local thrift stores, I decided it was time to start a blog to share our addiction with the world. Edwina was my photographer extraordinaire and every week I would share our outfits on my blog colorblindblog.com where we began to grow and learn our style and gain the confidence to experiment with fashion. After several requests to make a video we finally filmed our first haul video where I shared some finds and Edwina sat right beside me to share her thoughts. We then started filming our outfits and WHAT WE WORE to work as we were working together for the first time in our lives. Best friends for over 20 years we realized that there were many women and men who were just like us! Pretty soon we had other addicts around the world following along and sharing their finds with us every week!  

Where did you start?

It started with Edwina taking pictures of me for my blog and soon evolved into a photoshoot for both of us! We could not wait to get to work and style a new outfit!  We soon after started to create themes for outfits each day of the week and the more the more pictures we took, the more we desired to go to the thrift stores and then slowly  began filming more and more of our thrifting adventures.  Soon after I was able to bamboozle Edwina to film in my craft room as I did my first shopping haul. We have been filming ever since.

“Our passion for shopping for fashion on a budget, self-expression, and always having fun each and every time without failure makes it our dream job!”

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward?

Our passion for shopping for fashion on a budget, self-expression, and always having fun each and every time without failure makes it our dream job! But aside from that, it’s truly our viewers TAFAM our subscribers that give us life. They give us so much genuine love and are always sharing how we have inspired them to step outside of their comfort zone and become more confident in their skin. They have shared with us insight of the many positive effects of our longtime friendship alongside us showcasing our fashion likes and the art of thrifting. Something we never really analyzed in that way.  The positivity that our TA members have shared with us that we have given them has let us know we had not only something special but, something bigger than ourselves. That fuels us to continue to do more and refine our craft as we progress.

Why are you passionate about it? 

Its puts us in a positive place from start to end. We are constantly growing and evolving our style and who we are as women. It always brings us to a happy place and to know it does that for so many is priceless. We never want it to end. We are the Ying Yang kit!

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What’s your favorite aspect of the fashion industry?

The power of self-expression without ever having to speak. Commanding the room and sharing who you are as a person through an outfit or choice of accessories is so powerful. Fashion has a strong hold on a lot of us and sometimes we are totally unaware. My blog is called colorblind because I used to be scared of color. Color demands attention and I think both of us lacked the confidence to command the attention. Until we stepped outside the boundaries we had set we never knew how powerful fashion really was!

What makes your brand unique from other fashion channels?

Best friends for over 20 years, We have grown together and are continuously learning about each other and who we want to be in this world. We are ALWAYS authentic with each other and with our viewers as we limit our editing if any at all. We have a skill in which we can take ANYTHING and turn it into EVERYTHING. We can always find something on a budget and can make it fabulous. 

How do you organize/plan out your content? 

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.58.15 PMEvery video has a theme or mission of some kind, Our Come thrifting With Us videos are an adventure as we take you with us shopping. A truly hands-on experience as we experiment with styling and bargain hunting. We will try on clothes on camera and share the ups and downs of shopping

What We Wore Videos showcase the styling of the items we find and also showcase a local hotspot or a TA APPROVED spot where we have lunch, grab coffee or more here in Las Vegas!

TA TALK & Haul Videos allows us a platform to create our own talk show! sharing our thoughts on current events and experiences as well as sharing our recent shopping haul!

Lastly, we LOVE hosting local events whether it be a grand opening, a charity, or just a gathering we are always on the scene and love sharing it with our subscribers! 

What is your goal for your channel? 

The goal of our channel has always been to create a brand that empowers women and men to create their own style and express themselves through fashion in an affordable and attainable manner. Teaching all ages how to spot those pieces that will make a statement in your closet or even in your home. Finding what speaks to you and creating your own dress code! Eventually we would love to be able to earn a living sharing our skills with the world but for now we are so excited and grateful we have this platform to do what we love!!

“The goal of our channel has always been to create a brand that empowers women and men to create their own style and express themselves through fashion in an affordable and attainable manner”


If we are dreaming BIG which one should always do…we would only dream to have our own show where we could take everyone on our trips, share our shenanigans and inspire others to explore and take risks when it comes to fashion! To be able to do this for a living with my best friend is a dream, to now it is inspiring others is priceless. Nothing surfaces but pure joy when we are around each other in our Thrifters Anonymous zone.We could travel the world showing up on doorsteps surprising our TA FAM with a special Thrifters Anonymous trip! Can you imagine? 

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the fashion industry?

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 5.58.23 PMExpress your true self and do not copy- remix it to fit you! YOUR style is UNIQUE…LIVE IT and BREATHE it every single day!

What are your go-to outfit combinations?

Always something old with something new. We love wearing sequin and vintage items in a way that looks like no other person in the room. ALWAYS have a go-to blazer, a pencil skirt that makes you feel amazing, and a pair of heels that always gives you life!

What’s your personal style?We both have a unique style yet very similar. Edwina loves a more Night time day Vintage, modern covered sexy conservative look and I definitely lean towards a more day time vintage casual with a rocker sporty vibe. Thought this might change in 6 months! AND THAT is why we love fashion

How does your personal style influence your branding?

Sharing an outfit that may not be someone’s style but feeling confident and exuding this confidence allows for others to experiment and take on something they may not have otherwise tried. NO RULES…we always rock it with confidence even if we know someone may not like it! 

What’s your favorite brand and why? 

What is funny about thrifting is brands, sizes, all the stigmas and stereotypes get thrown out the window. WEAR what YOU LOVE, WHAT FITS YOU HOW YOU WANT IT TO FIT, and LET everyone have it! Unless of course it is sequin then ALWAYS Buy it.. ALWAYS! haha

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