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Rebecca Shores is a makeup artist, fine art artist, and beauty blogger who has an artist’s approach to beauty. She lives in the Seattle, Washington and has her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon. She creates content on both YouTube and her blog, with a focus on makeup tutorials with new and exciting color combinations that are inspiring to those who are well versed in makeup but easy to follow for those new to using cosmetics. To learn more about Rebecca visit her website www.rebeccashoresmua.com.

How were you inspired to begin your channel? Where did you start?

After receiving requests for me to create tutorials, I started a blog before starting my YouTube channel. I already had a camera so I figured I’d try out blogging. After a few months of blogging I decided to branch out and make videos, and ended up enjoying filming and editing even more than just blogging. I find that in videos I can educate better than in text alone, since it’s easier to see what I am doing. I was inspired to start my YouTube channel because I like to teach and I want to show how to apply colorful, yet still wearable looks.

Having an arts background allows me play with colors and use unexpected combinations since I have studied color theory in depth

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it?

I am naturally a very driven person, so I constantly want to improve and create new things and the encouragement from my followers keeps me motivated. I am inspired by so many things. I went to school for Fine Arts which has made a huge impact on my channel as I learned to draw inspiration from everywhere. One look might be inspired by a color combination, a song I was listening to, or an experience I had–anything really. My passion is creating. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than creating something. I love to create with makeup, and I also love painting, hand lettering and drawing. I am also passionate about connecting with people and cultivating friendships, cooking, and exploring more of the Pacific Northwest.

What’s your favorite aspect of the beauty & cosmetics industry?

As a makeup user, I love being able to create with colors on my face, since makeup can be used to enhance features or be more expressive as wearable art. As a makeup artist, I enjoy being able to teach and bring out the best features on clients.

What makes your brand unique from other beauty channels?

I have an artist’s approach to beauty. I am formally trained as a painter, rather than taking classes to become a makeup artist. I learned color theory, value, etc. as a Fine Arts student and later became interested in pursuing makeup. Having an arts background allows me play with colors and use unexpected combinations since I have studied color theory in depth. I also try to give very detailed basic tutorials so that subscribers can master the basics and have the tools to create on their own. Anyone who is also in love with colors will enjoy my tutorials!


How do you organize/plan out your content?

I set aside time each month to plan out the upcoming month and pencil in ideas for upcoming content. Typically, I plan one to three months ahead, leaving a bit of wiggle room in case a new product drops that I want to use in a video or tutorial. I take time to brainstorm ideas, look for keywords, and look through my notes of requests. Then I figure out when is the best time for the tutorial to go live. I try to keep my content varied, so if I have a colorful upload on Tuesday, I’ll opt for a more wearable tutorial or a review on Friday. I live out of my planner, so I do most of my planning with/c pencil and paper, but I also keep running lists on Evernote of ideas that I have and requested tutorials.

What is your goal for your channel? Dreams?

My goal is to inspire others to try more colorful looks, and also to continue to push myself to learn more about makeup artistry as well as video editing. I would also like to be able to make social media be my full-time job, but we’ll see where it goes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.11.40 PM

Who are your typical followers? How would you describe them?

My typical followers are those who also like more colorful makeup, those who want to learn the basics well and have a strong foundation, and so many people that are kind. I have awesome followers, they are very encouraging and I have enjoyed getting to know more when I stream or on Snapchat.

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the beauty industry?

Know what part of the industry you want to be part of and focus on your goals for that area of the industry. If you want to be a makeup artist, know what area you want to focus on like bridal, film, fashion photography, etc. and then start taking steps towards that career path through classes and working on more faces. If you want do social media, learn what you want to focus on like blogging, Instagram, YouTube, and find what makes you unique and continue to share your best work.

What are your favorite beauty products or your go-to skincare regimen?

A few of my favorite beauty products are Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, Melt Cosmetics Stacks, Makeup Geek & Strobe Cosmetics Eyeshadows, BECCA highlighters in Moonstone and Pearl, and NARS Audacious Lipsticks and Mac Faux lipstick. My favorite skincare items are the Paula’s Choice and their Hydralight Mineral Sunscreen is my favorite SPF. I also use Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask every night, Passion Fruit Seed and Argan Oil, and the Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil.

My goal is to inspire others to try more colorful looks, and also to continue to push myself to learn more about makeup artistry as well as video editing.

What products are you currently using on a daily basis?

I am always trying out new products, but I do have some favorites that I use almost every day. Some of the products I use 90% of the time are Pixi Brightening Peach corrector, MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist and Set setting spray, MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD foundation, and Mac Blanc Type eyeshadow. For skincare, I use Paula’s Choice Hydralight Mineral Sunscreen & Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing oil everyday no matter what other products I am testing out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.13.14 PM

What’s your personal style?

My personal makeup style is very colorful. I love wearing bright colors on my eyes and lips, with a natural looking base. I prefer a clean skin look where you can see my freckles through it, and then adding bolder colors to my eyes and/or lips. My clothing style is very different, since I wear such colorful makeup I keep my wardrobe simple so it doesn’t compete with my makeup. I mostly wear simple dresses or skirts (I hate wearing pants) and keep my clothing color palette limited to black, grey, white and blush. Personally, I’d rather wear a teal lipstick than a teal dress.

How does your personal style influence your branding?

My personal style is reflected greatly in my branding since I do all my own graphic design, photography and editing for my blog & YouTube channel. My color palette is lavender, orange and green, which is a triadic color harmony often seen in my makeup looks as well as my paintings. Triadic color harmonies are my favorite color harmony, so I wanted to include it in my branding. I also selected fonts that look hand lettered since most mornings you’ll find me practicing scripts while I have my morning coffee.

What’s your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is MAKE UP FOR EVER. I love that they create the most beautiful foundations and concealers so you can have skin that looks perfected, yet still like skin. I also love that they aren’t afraid of color. They have awesome bright shadows, lipsticks and liners, and with the Flash Palette you can create any color you want. Quality products, great foundations and colorful options means they have everything I want in a brand.

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