Featuring: Kim de Ville, Makeup/Beauty Guru & Singer

Kim de Ville is an 18 year old makeup/beauty guru that films makeup tutorials on YouTube, and as well, is a freelance makeup artist from Australia. She started her YouTube journey 2 years ago by having a strong passion for all things makeup and beauty. Since then she has been building a strong following of almost 2,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, as well as getting her name out there as a makeup artist. Kim also has quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

Kim is also a singer song-writer and has been performing since the age of 4 years old. She’s very passionate about her music, and is always finding ways to combine her singing and makeup, into one. She often adds her own recorded original songs, and covers as the background music of her makeup videos, and has recorded a cover, and then filmed a makeup tutorial on the makeup the original artist was wearing in the music video to that song.

Although Kim’s first passion is music and her main aspiration in life is to become a singer songwriting recording artist, she strongly believes there is more than enough room to pursue a career in both the things she loves, and is determined to see that through. Kim thinks that to be able to share her creative work on social media is a blessing and will be extremely happy no matter what she’s doing in life, as long as its working hard, and doing the things she loves most.

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How were you inspired to begin your channel? Where did you start?

KD: It all started, funnily, the Christmas of 2012. That year, my siblings and I got an iPad each for Christmas. Anyway, that night we were going out for dinner, and I really wanted to do my makeup nice! So I decided to look up a makeup tutorial. Ever Since, I have watched makeup tutorials every single day. Eventually I became better and doing makeup, and I had more of a knowledge about the application and about products. I noticed that I was coming up with some really cool stuff myself, so I decided to create my own Beauty channel to show others how to achieve my looks, and to hopefully inspire somebody else.

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it? 

KD: I think anything really inspires me. From the colour of the sky, to the coloured top I’m wearing, or the success of someone else, even the hunger to be successful myself inspires me. I’ve always thought that being able to create anything you want with something so simple as makeup, is absolutely AWESOME. The possibilities are endless, and there’s ALWAYS something new to learn and always a new look to create. So, the fact that I’m constantly learning and my creative juices are continuously flowing, is why it’s a passion of mine!

What’s your favorite aspect of the beauty & cosmetics industry?

KD: My favourite part is definitely that, the industry itself is filled with many opportunities for all sorts of creative people. There isn’t a right OR wrong way of using a product or tool, you’re not limited to any one brand, and especially that the beauty and cosmetics industry DOESN’T discriminate against gender, age, religion, sexuality or race. And that’s something that is really important.

What makes your brand unique from other beauty channels?

KD: I like to think that my personality is a huge contributing factor in what makes my channel unique. As well as that It’s extremely important to me, to ensure that the content I put out there, accommodates to my whole audience, that I’m not only creating the content for myself, but for others too.

How do you organize/plan out your content? 

KD: A lot of the time an idea with pop into my head, for a video to film, or a look to create. Other times, I’ll sit down on filming day and completely wing it. And that’s what I LOVE about being on social media, you can quite literally, do WHATEVER you want!

What is your goal for your channel? Dreams?

KD: My main goal is to definitely keep loving and enjoying creating content for my channel. Other than that, I really want to be able to improve constantly, learn continually, and engage a lot more with current and future subscribers/followers, on a more personal level.

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the beauty industry?

KD: Definitely. I have 2. Number 1. If you have a passion for it, then what are you waiting for?! Do it! Number 2. NEVER do it to become “famous”. NEVER expect to become “famous”. The one and ONLY reason you should be a part of the beauty industry is if you are passionate about it! Despite what others may say, it IS hard work, and it requires a lot of drive, passion and consistency. So, if your heart’s not in it, chances are, It may not work out for you.

What are your favorite beauty products or your go-to skincare regimen?

KD: I have way too many Holy-Grail beauty products to list, however, I absolutely LOVE highlighting and contouring, so ANY highlighting and contouring products, I’ve probably tried them all!

What products are currently in your purse?

KD: In my purse I have; Bite Beauty’s ‘Rambutan’ Lip gloss, Jeffree Star ‘Celebrity Skin’ Velour Liquid Lipstick, MAC Studio Fix Powder, and my ALL TIME favourite mascara, the Maybelline ‘Lash Sensational’!

What’s your personal style?

KD: I’d consider my personal style to be edgy, but sophisticated.

How does your personal style influence your branding?

KD: If you watch any of my tutorials, you’ll know that I LOVE a warm smokey eye anytime of the year, for any occasion. So a lot of the looks I create are looks that go with the clothes I have in my closet.

What’s your favorite brand and why?

I couldn’t choose a favourite brand, but some of my top favourites are; MAC, NARS, TooFaced, Tarte, Benefit, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, STILA, theBlam, Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop, Maybelline L’Oreal Paris, Marc Jacobs, just to name a few!


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