Featuring: Kay Beauty, Beauty Vlogger

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Featuring: Kay Beauty, Beauty Vlogger

She enjoys talking to a camera for hours on end to help people accomplish a look they've never imagine themselves doing.

Featuring: Kay Beauty, Beauty Vlogger

Kaylah is a lifestyle and beauty blogger on YouTube. She posts videos sharing her current interests with her viewers.

Featuring: Kay Beauty, Beauty Vlogger

She loves creating tutorials, reviews, and vlogs for her fans. She's also a local makeup artist and enjoys making people happy and feeling great about themselves from every dimension!

Kaylah Casuccio is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on YouTube with her own channel, Kay Beauty. She enjoys talking to a camera for hours on end to help people accomplish a look they’ve never imagine themselves doing. She’s an 18 year old beauty enthusiast from Ohio who loves makeup, fashion, making the outside as beautiful as the inside. She’s been modeling for 6 years now and in the YouTube industry for a year. She loves creating tutorials, reviews, and vlogs for her fans. She’s also a local makeup artist and enjoys making people happy and feeling great about themselves from every dimension!

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How were you inspired to begin your blog? Where did you start?

KC: I was inspired to begin my channel when I started watching videos and attempting tutorials that didn’t work for me. It was frustrating trying to apply makeup when my skin complexion was not similar or the same and attempt hair tutorials for various types of hair not including kinky. I started by doing a “GRWM (get ready with me) for my 17th Birthday”

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it?

KC: The inspirational e-mails, comments, and fans finding me in person is what keeps me moving, that they enjoy the content that they’re watching. It makes me want to put  out more and only improve for each future video.

What’s your favorite aspect of the beauty & cosmetics industry?

KC: My favorite aspect of the beauty and cosmetics industry is the formula of each product line and what is beneficial about each brand. Anastasia is the best for brows, Benefit is the best for face primers, Urban Decay is the best for eyeshadow palettes, Ardell is the best for lashes, LA Girl is the best for concealers, Kat Von D is the best for full coverage, and so on. It is so unique what each brand has to offer. It’s an art to put on makeup each day. Even if it’s a “no makeup, makeup look” all of it is art to truly accentuate your features and bring them out.

What makes your brand unique from other brands/bloggers?

KC: My channel is honest. I do not hide behind the camera. I open up to the camera. There are things I am more comfortable with sharing with fans versus my own family at times. With my channel, I don’t look at my fans as fans, I look at them as family. They keep me going, they give me motivational talks, we communicate mutually. I don’t have my channel to make money, I have my channel and keep it going for my fans to be able to have a friend. Someone to have fun with, and girl talk with, and more.

How do you organize/plan out your blog content?

KC: I pick a day when I don’t have work or class and sit down with my planner, my laptop, and phone and write down my hours, class schedule and etc. for the month. I then go through e-mails for reviews and organize those in times that do not interfere with my work and school schedule. Then I fit in everything else; modeling gigs, meetings, fashion shows, makeup conventions, doctors appointments, etc.

What is your goal for your blog? Dreams?

KC: My goal is to earn a 100k subscriber plaque. My dream is to be the #1 beauty vlogger in Ohio.

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into blogging or beauty industry?

KC: My advice is to be creative and unique. Everyone wants to see something that no one else has done. If you create the same “Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial” the viewer will go with YouTuber who has the most views/subscribers. Now if you create a look like a “Blue lip makeup tutorial” and your content and quality is good, the viewer will go to that video because it’s unique and fewer have done it. Being authentic is key. People want to see new stuff, not the same thing everyone else is doing. This is what makes the makeup industry so unique, the versatility involved in it.

What are your favorite beauty products or your go-to skincare regimen?

KC: I remove, cleanse, and moisturize my face every night and day using Philosophy’s Purity wash, and Hope in a Jar to moisturize. It’s the easiest and yet efficient way to keep my under layer healthy and rejuvenated.

What products are currently in your purse?

KC: Products currently in my purse are: NYX Summer Love lipstick color 617, Maybelline Nude Lust color 720, IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under Eye” concealer in color medium, Benefit “They’re Real” mascara, Ardell lash glue, KISS lashes in style Ritzy, and EOS chapstick.

What’s your personal style?

KC: My personal style influences my branding by showing my characteristics. I wear a very innocent yet sophisticated look. I’m prepared for anything. I look stylish and sexy at the same time I look professional if need be which is what my branding is all about, looking every type of look, in just one look, that I can truly take on anything within that moment.

What’s your favorite brand and why?

KC: My favorite brand is IT Cosmetics. I love Jamie for being genuine when she describes her product line and how intuitive she is. I love that the makeup heals my skin and does not cause impurities. If I’ve had a stressful day and cleansing is the last thing on my mind, I can sleep in my makeup and know it is not harmful to my skin but actually helping it. I love that I not only have 1-3 favorites, I have at least 7-8 versus other products from cosmetic brands. I favor a lot of the products from IT Cosmetics.



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