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Kalista Elaine is a 17 year old Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber.  She creates colorful, fun, energetic and creative videos for an enthusiastic audience of fellow school students ranging from middle, high school and college girls and guys.  Kalista focuses on positive and inspiring videos that people can relate to. 

How were you inspired to begin your channel? Where did you start?

I discovered that people were creating youtube videos consistently and instantly I was hooked. I loved the personal connection. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when I was 11 years old. I was in the hospital constantly getting infusions to treat my disease, I hated my infusions because there was nothing on TV and I was completely bored. Once I had discovered Youtube, it would make my infusions, some 6 hours long, go by so much quicker. I loved how happy Elle and Blair Fowler’s videos were, and they inspired me to start doing my own. I started a channel when I was about 12 years old, it was recreating music videos and I was inconsistent. It wasn’t until high school, when everyone else was busy with sports and school, that I decided to try and keep up with it. I was homeschooled due to my illness and sports were too much for me at the time. I have always loved to edit videos, that was my first passion. I had a love for the beauty community and wanted to start creating videos in that area. I put up my first beauty video and I instantly fell in love.

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it?

I’ve always loved to make and edit videos, to see the final product has always been a huge rush for me. The people that support me, my viewers are so supportive and seeing their responses make me so happy.  Filming, editing and make videos never seems like work.  I am always writing down notes for video ideas and excited to create my vision.


What’s your favorite aspect of the beauty & cosmetics industry?

Self expression. I like the freedom of makeup and fashion and how there really aren’t any rules. It’s a form of art. It’s like you start with a blank canvas every morning. I feel like my personal style says a lot about me before you even meet me.

What makes your brand unique from other beauty channels?

My personality is what ultimately sets me apart. The way I dress, the music I listen to, the message I preach, it’s different than other creators.

How do you organize/plan out your content?

I have a planner and I use that to try and schedule videos out. I also have a notebook I use to organize and give general idea of how I want each “scene” to look and go before I start filming.

“I like the freedom of makeup and fashion and how there really aren’t any rules.”

What is your goal for your channel? Dreams?

My ultimate goal for my channel is to grow creatively while cheering up peoples days. I would like to inspire people to be themselves. It would be the ultimate to know I was making someone happy that was going through at tough time.  

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Who are your typical followers? How would you describe them?

My audience are people still in school, I think my typical follower is someone with an interest in beauty and fashion.  My viewers have become my friends.  I love the interaction this platform provides.

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the beauty industry?

Whatever you are trying to break into, whether it be Youtube or anything else, you need to be passionate about.  Learn everything you can, read everything you can and talk to those who have the knowledge.  

“It would be the ultimate to know I was making someone happy that was going through at tough time.”

What are your favorite beauty products or your go-to skincare regimen?

I just started using Makeup Forever foundation and it is amazing.  It looks so natural and matches my skin perfectly.  Favorite drug store band is Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

What products are you currently using on a daily basis?

The one product I can not live without and use everyday is chapScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.41.22 PMstick.  Everyday I use it.  My 3 favorite brands are EOS, Burts Bees or Carmex.

What’s your personal style?

I like the ripped jeans, ripped band shirts and flannels.  I love music and like to find band shirts of the music I like.  I have a huge obsession with fashion from the 80’s/90’s so I love chokers, stripped T-Shirts, cropped tops, high wasted shorts and jeans. 

How does your personal style influence your branding?

A person’s style is a reflection of your soul and personality.  It can be influenced by what your even going through.  With my brand, I try to carry myself in a way that shows enthusiasm, professionalism, youth and an energy that can convey to my audience what I am going through at that moment. 

What’s your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is Zara. It’s pretty inexpensive and the quality is amazing. Their clothing looks designer!

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What are your go-to outfit combinations? 

Ripped jeans, band shirt, black bomber jacket, and black heeled booties! It’s trendy and easy to throw on!

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