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Pink Chocolate Break was born as a creative outlet for Jocy to share everything she’s passionate about: fashion, sewing, travel, self improvement & DIY

She believes a woman has many facets and by including the topics she and other women love, she was able to capture their attention and inspire them to dream big and live creatively

 The creative DIY designer behind Pink Chocolate Break is Jocy Paixão Fortes. Her family name means ‘strong passion’ in Portuguese and these are two values Jocy injects into her work, online and offline. She has a passion for creating clothes and sharing her knowledge with her followers. Her easy sewing method has earned her a loyal following that she inspires weekly with her easy sewing tutorials and travel videos.

How were you inspired to begin your channel? Where did you start?

In 2009 I started my lifestyle blog and a few years later I started posting videos on youtube as an extension of it. I posted lifestyle videos but noticed that people were more interested in the sewing/DIY videos so I focused mostly on that and my channel became to grow.

“Be yourself and follow your intuition.”

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it?

My viewers inspire me to move forward. Every time I get a comment, mail or private message from them thanking me because I make sewing look easy and it has given them the confidence to try, it feels like a win. Because I believe in empowering people to believe in themselves and try new things so being able to achieve that motivates me. I’m passionate about creativity, personal growth and sharing what I love most with others so it can help them some way some how. 

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What’s your favorite aspect of fashion industry?

The fabrics and the creation part. Being able to transform an idea into something physical feels like magic to me. Being able to share that joy with others is a blessing. 

What makes your brand unique from other beauty channels?

I’m passionate about sewing, DIY, travel and my spiritual growth and I inject those elements into my channel. Every channel is unique because it’s the creator’s perspective on that particular topic so when you’re true to your unique self you are different from others which is refreshing to see. 

How do you organize/plan out your content?

I follow my inspiration. Therefore I don’t really plan or organize content, I go with the flow. Sometimes it might be a DIY request from one of my viewers, other times a celebrity look (I saw on a Brazilian novela), street style, pinterest, instagram, you name it. There’s so much inspiration out there plus DIY fashion is and should be playful in my eyes and that requires flexibility and lightness. 

“I’m passionate about creativity, personal growth and sharing what I love most with others so it can help them some way some how. “

ootd diy dashiki dress-1What is your goal for your channel? Dreams?

My goal is to have a creative platform with inspiring content on sewing, fashion and travel. I want to share what makes me happy with my viewers and also share my creations such as DIY clothes, my clothing- and fabrics line Paixão Fortes, Etsy shop and travel experiences with them. 

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the beauty industry?

Be yourself and follow your intuition. We are thought to look at others and learn from them but often times we drown our own perspective and voices in the process. Your idea or creation might be the next best thing but you will never know if you look to others too often for guidance and forget about yourself. 

What are your go-to outfit combinations?

I love to wear dresses because I can dress them up or down and change my style by using different accessories. 

What’s your personal style?

Colorful and creative

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How does your personal style influence your branding?

My branding is infused with my personal style. A brand is what you’re remembered for and people would always tell me I’m creative and colorful and I love that because that’s how I see myself 😀 So whatever I do needs to be consistent with this. If I wear colorful tie dye leggings it makes sense, if I wear an all black outfit it doesn’t. 

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