Featuring: Beauty Guru, Gregory Dylan of Boy Meets Beauty

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Featuring: Beauty Guru, Gregory Dylan of Boy Meets Beauty

Behind the Scenes at Boy Meets Beauty

Featuring: Beauty Guru, Gregory Dylan of Boy Meets Beauty

Gregory’s industry savvy and effervescent personality shine when he practices his craft.

Featuring: Beauty Guru, Gregory Dylan of Boy Meets Beauty

Gregory’s fusion of East Coast know-how and SoCal cool create an eye and ear-capturing persona that typifies the concept of a Fashion and Beauty expert.

Featuring: Beauty Guru, Gregory Dylan of Boy Meets Beauty

Gregory is an innovator and pioneer in the beauty industry

Featuring: Beauty Guru, Gregory Dylan of Boy Meets Beauty

We love Gregory! <3

Beauty Guru meets boy-next-door best describes the fresh-faced aficionado and Gregory Dylan Beauty founder, Gregory Dylan. With nearly 20 years of impressive experience in his chosen fields, Gregory brings a new, un-intimidating presence as a professional consultant in the skincare and beauty industry. Whether working on-camera or with private clients, guiding new brands in imaging and positioning or creating PR stir for existing ones, Gregory’s industry savvy and effervescent personality shine when he practices his craft. Gregory’s fusion of East Coast know-how and SoCal cool create an eye and ear-capturing persona that typifies the concept of a Fashion and Beauty expert. A New York native turned L.A. transplant, Greg is a 18- year licensed aesthetician and make-up artist as well as a graduate of the esteemed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and Christine Valmy International School of Aesthetics. While always sharing his passion and expertise on his YouTube channel, Boy Meets Beauty, Greg has also been featured as a guest on various television programs and networks such as HSN, ShopNBC, The Beauty Show, TV Guide, TLC, Bravo and has starred in several television pilots as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert. COMING FULL CIRCLE Nearly 20 years after launching his career in Beauty, Gregory has returned to his roots with his latest endeavor, Gregory Dylan Beauty. Returning to the treatment room, where his hands and skills were first praised, Gregory will bring two decades of skincare know-how to his Los Angeles clientele. “I’ve traveled across the country and the globe to promote some of the best brands in beauty, and now I’m so excited to get back to the passion that landed me where I am today.” says Gregory. “With a product of my own in the works and an exponential network to promote my business and brand, I am going to take this town one gorgeous face at a time!

Check out Gregory’s channel here and his blog

How were you inspired to begin your channel? Where did you start?

GD: I really wanted to start my channel to share all of my expertise. I’ve been in beauty such a long time and have learned so much and I truly enjoy educating people. And of course it’s a great platform to reach a large audience as an expert. I started from zero, lol. Literally just posted my first video and went with it. I collaborated with my girlfriend, Rachel Talbot, and that gave me some good exposure to new subscribers. She’s a brilliant YouTuber and a total doll and offered so much wonderful insight and support when I got started. We’ve known each other for ages and we always have a blast!

What inspires you and keeps you moving forward? Why are you passionate about it?

GD: My subscribers inspire me, they’re why I keep it going. They have been so loyal and appreciative, it makes it all worth while. I don’t want to let them down, so I really try to keep things up and give new, fun content. Seeing them enjoy the videos and comment and share with each other just does it for me. I love it!

What’s your favorite aspect of the beauty & cosmetics industry?

GD: I’d have to say I love the trends and the new technology. I mean it’s crazy how the new “it” product or ingredient changes so quickly. And these products perform amazingly now. Beauty has come such a long way! And of course, the tech is fantastic. all of the home-care devices to maintain results…it’s great. What’s also really cool is how influencers on social media can help new brands get traction! It’s so different than when I started in the industry.

What makes your brand unique from other beauty channels?

GD: I’d say what makes it different is my approach. I’m 100% myself and never too serious. I think people relate more and appreciate the authenticity. Of course there are a lot of guys who do makeup, but weren’t as many doing a skin focus. And I do touch on other beauty, but it’s a lot of skin and skin related topics. And I try to do lots of price points, so people have options that fit their budget. Also, I have been in beauty for 20 years and an esthetician for 18. I’ve got some hard core experience and definitely have a few years on a lot of beauty YouTubers, LOL.

How do you organize/plan out your content?

GD:  I usually plan it out based on topic and also availability of products that coordinate or brands I am reviewing. I was uploading weekly but with my skin care studio, that was a bit too much, so they go up bi-weekly now. Here’s a little secret…I typically film 2 vids at a time. I change shirts and accessories and maybe toss on a hat so it looks like different days. And I’m usually just in gym shorts and flip flops, LOL. Most likely there is coffee or an energy drink nearby. I’m a caffeine junky!

What is your goal for your channel? Dreams?

GD: I would LOVE to see my channel grow to a six-figure following, that would be amazing! I really just want to be know for awesome advice, honest feedback and super fun content. (There’s a few new fun things coming up, so I’m excited to see what people think!)

Do you have any tips for others trying to break into the beauty industry?

GD: Get a license! Having an esthetics or cosmetology license will automatically put you ahead of other candidates for jobs and is often required for certain positions, like education. Also, be prepared to pay your dues.Nothing happens overnight. I was the little gay boy at the Bloomingdales Lancome counter when I was 18. I worked my way up and up, got my license, worked with better retailers, then went on to corporate beauty and then to my own business. It’s been a crazy 20 years. I should write a book! LOL

What are your favorite beauty products or your go-to skincare regimen?

GD: I don’t do too much at home since I do a lot of pro treatments at my studio. Cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, spf. Pretty cut and dry. A few of my all time faves are Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial , Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum, Rodial Glamtox Cleanser. They’re all a bit on the pricier side. Some less pricey options I love are Otavea Body Scrubs, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stick and Body Moisture Cream, L’Oreal BB SPF 30, L’Oreal Magic BB. I do my Baby Quasar at home a lot, I’m obsessed with the Red Light LED!

What products are you currently using on a daily basis?

GD: I’m using mostly DermAware right now, which is the line that I retail at my studio. It is really fantastic! I introduced it in a video and shared some faves. My clients and I both love it. I have also been using something Top Secret that I will be announcing on my channel soon! (happy dancing!!!) What’s your personal style? I kind of like to call it “SoCal Chic”. It’s pretty casual, but never sloppy. With some polished, more high-end touches. I LOVE fashion and clothes and anyone who watches or follows sees all of my fun outfits on social, LOL. Lots of skinny jeans, boots, cute shirts and jackets, and always hats and jewelry!!

How does your personal style influence your branding?

GD: I grew up in the 80’s, so I think that reflects in my branding logos for both my studio and my channel. Bright colors and geometric shapes. But of course it’s 2016 and I have a pretty distinct sense of style, so I give it a more modern, streamlined touch. What’s your favorite brand and why? MINE! lololol Ok, that’s cheating…. I don’t have a favorite beauty brand. I love too many. But my all time favorite brand is Louis Vuitton. Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed. So timeless and luxurious and the quality is amazing. I always say…”the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a man has been Louis Vuitton!” HAHAHAHA!


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