Easy tip to get rid of hang nails

Hang nails are those pesky pieces of skin that peel up along the sides of your nails and hurt like anything. They may seem insignificant and simply annoying but be careful- if not taken care of, they can become a door for infections. Taking care of your fingernails and the skin around them is important to your overall health. Here are a few easy tips to get rid of hang nail horrors!

Prevention comes first

Moisturizing your hands regularly is the most effective and simple way to prevent hang nails. If you are prone to hang nails, try applying a lotion to your nail beds at least twice a day. Moisturizing your nail beds helps your nails and your cuticles as well and will surely keep those hang nails at bay. Some other tips: don’t bite your nails and have a frequent nail cutting and cleaning routine.


If you already have a hangnail- don’t fret. The only way to fully get rid of a hangnail is to nip it off with cuticle nippers, but be sure not to cut your cuticles. If you don’t cut or trim the hangnail, it can tear your skin and leave a small yet searing cut on your fingernail. Make sure that the hangnail is softened, by soaking it in warm water, before you snip it off. Once you’ve cut it off at its base, apply an antibacterial lotion at the site to prevent any infection. Applying oil or some other moisturizer will help the skin heal faster. A bandage will help shield the hangnail until it heals completely.

Try this an stop worrying about hang nails!

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