Easiest way to pick an eye liner color that suits you

Choosing the right eye liner color can help enhance your eye color, complement your make up and even give you the eye shape you’ve always wanted. For many women, black eye liner is the way to go. But gone are the days of the boring basics. So consider the following for the easiest way to pick an eye liner color that suits you!

1. Eye color

  • Contrasting eye liner shades can help bring out the color of your eye. Not only does the right warm or cool tone make your eyes pop but it can also make you look more awake. Based on your eye color, you should use the following eye liner colors.
  • Cool blue eyes: Warm, metallic tones like Copper and gold
  • Green eyes: Reddish undertones like garnet, bronze or amethyst. (make sure to line your eyes with a black liner to prevent looking tired).
  • Brown eyes: Earthy tones or midnight blue hues like cobalt, brown.
  • Hazel eyes: Emerald and green tones like bronze and olive.

2. Skin Tone

Another factor that you should consider before purchasing an eye liner is the color of your skin. To ensure that the eye liner color does not appear so harsh on your skin, use this guide to help you choose the right one.

  • Fair skin tone: Dark browns, greys and moss greens.
  • Olive or medium tone: Black, maroon and bronze.
  • Dark skin tone: Black, dark blue and mauve.

3. Eye shape and size

  • Take a look at the size and shape of your eye to enhance the area that will make your makeup look better put together. For smaller eyes, add a white liner to the inner corners and to the lower rim of your eye. For bigger eyes, tight line both your water lines and give emphasis to darker eye liner colors.
  • For almond shaped eyes, add a dark liner to both your waterlines to give emphasis to its distinct shape. For rounder eyes, add a cat liner to elongate the shape of your eye.

Keep these tips in mind and flaunt an eyeliner color that suits you.

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