DIY Natural Lip Stain Recipe

Everyone wants their lips to look naturally pink and supple. But with big make up industries using chemicals and animal fats in their lip products it is difficult to find a lasting and natural lip stain that stay within your budget. A lip stain is always a good DIY and you can even customize it to suit your preferences. Here are some great recipes for a natural lip stain.

1. Pomegranate lip stain

Pomegranate seeds have a juicy red tinge that will easily stain your lips. Mix some of the juice with coconut oil and dab onto your lips.

2. Kool aid or powdered juice

Mixing powders for juice can also provide a long lasting stain for your lips. Use a berry shade of either strawberry or raspberry and dab your lips with water. Apply the powder onto your lips with your fingertips and rub the color in. This will stain your lips and you can add a gloss or lip balm to seal in the stain and keep your lips moisturized.

3. Lipstick residue balm

Mix in a centimeter of an old lipstick color with 4 drops coconut oil for extra moisture.

4. Eyeshadow based

Add ½ tsp of Vaseline and ½ tsp of beeswax with 2 drops of essential oils to a dash of a berry eye shadow color. Add more eye shadow for a pigmented lip balm.

5. Berry extract balm

The deep mauve tones of raspberries, black berries and strawberries definitely stain your lips. By crushing them to extract the staining juices, you can mix the juice with glycerin to create a DIY lip balm.

Try any of these recipes and reap the benefits of a natural lip stain.

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