Castor Oil Facial Treatment

Castor oil is a lubricant that comes from the castor plants and is often beneficial to humans in different ways. It is known to benefit the hair, health and the skin in various ways. Did you know that a castor oil facial treatment is great for your skin? Castor oil can help detoxify and cleanse your face and you could easily use it yourself to nourish your facial skin.

Steps for success

Mix 1 part castor oil with 3 parts of a lighter oil like olive or apricot oil. Try applying a small bit on the side of your neck to check if you are allergic to the ingredients. Gently massage the oil mixture across all parts of your face and neck. Then soak a washcloth in hot water and squeeze out the excess water, create a warm damp cloth. Let the warm damp cloth rest on your face until it cools.

Why is it beneficial?

Castor oil has good fatty acids that can combat agents that buildup to cause blackheads or acne.  In the process it also helps remove makeup residue and excess oil from your face. The warm wash cloth, helps this process by opening up and cleaning your skin pores. 


You could also let the oil sit on your face overnight for acne treatment. For an overnight acne treatment option, start by washing your face with lukewarm water to open up pores. Then, gently massage the castor oil and olive/ apricot oil mixture in circular motions across your skin and leave it overnight. When you wash it off the next morning you will notice a reduction in blemishes.

Castor oil can be great for a facial treatment. Use it to cleanse, moisturize and detoxify your facial skin. 

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