Best Pre-WorkOut Foods


You are already doing the best afford if you are going to the gym in regular basis. Not cheating on your diet and taking your goal seriously. Educating yourself and learning more about the work-out food regime is as important as going for a work-out. Here are some amazing tips that you can apply immediately and train harder/better;


Get up, eat banana and 1/2  cup of plain yogurt. Bananas have digestible carbohydrates. They have also amazing level of potassium. Bananas can keep the nutrient levels high and right before the work-out, they give you enough energy. They also can kill the hunger immediately and provide power. After eating 1 and waiting for 30 mins, you can hit the gym and feel the difference.


Oats are full of fiber. They keep your energy level high and steady since they have vitamin B. After you consume, wait for 30 minutes for your work out. Allow your stomach the digest it fully. Don’t forget to drink lots of water.

WholeGrain Bread:

For high quality work-out, eat it with eggs and honey/jam. It will ease your stomach and give you good lunch break work-out session. Before you hit the gym, wait for 45 minutes to settle it in your stomach.

If you have any allergies to these type of ingredients, please alter them with similar subsidiaries.  
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