Best hair spa at home

Getting a cosmetic spa at a saloon can be both expensive and time consuming. In a working day, it can take hours and a hundred dollars to get a spa. To save both time and money, all you need is some ingredients from our kitchen and a little effort. There are a lot of ways to get a hair spa at home, but my personal favorite home-done spa requires ingredients like olive oil, tea leaves, a lemon, coconut oil and an egg.

Massaging with olive oil, conditioning with tea leaves & lemon, and using coconut oil and eggs as a hair mask

Firstly, give your hair a good gentle massage with olive oil. Leave for fifteen minutes to let the oil settle, wrap your hair with a towel soaked, squeezed and removed of any excess warm water. After this steaming of 10 minutes, wash your hair with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

You may skip your conditioner because olive oil already conditions your hair. But if your hair is frizzy, you might want to condition your hair with tea leaves and lemon. To do this, boil water with tea leaves. After letting the tea water for a couple of minutes strain it and let it cool. Squeeze a lemon into the tea water. Use the mixture as a conditioner for your hair.

For a hair mask, in a bowl, mix some coconut oil and an egg. Gently apply it to your hair. Repeat the steaming process you did earlier, and then shampoo your hair with cold water.

With these steps, you can get thick, shining, healthy hair in just about an hour. Do this spa about two to three times a month for the best results. But depending on your stress level and how your hair is, you can get your home-done hair spa more or less frequently.

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