Always Wake Up Happy With Only These 3 steps!

Giselle_Sevgi_Loore_Blog_post_Wakeup_earlyHow often do you have mornings that you just don’t want to leave your comfy bed?

Your best vacation might be only all about “Netflix and chill” mode activation and Sunday nights might come with Monday exhaustion. You can certainly beat this feeling with these easy steps;

  • Create a “to-do” list: This step might sound to you too simple but it is worth doing it. At least write 5 things that you want to accomplish this week. Prioritize them and start working on the list. You will see the difference in short run.
  • Eat Healthy: You might be a person who never eats breakfast and that is totally cool. At least your first meal or drink has to be healthy. It can be a healthy juice (kale or celery included) or a nice sandwich gluten free, no or less meat accompanied with a power bar. Try this at least 3 days, you will see the difference in a short time. What are you going to lose though, right?
  • No technology: If you want to sleep well and wake up easily, try to NOT check your phone right before you go to bed. It is both not good for your eyes (if you are using 6s and lower iPhones or any other smart phone) and also you need a well rested mind

Finally, every morning you have 2 choices; continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up chase them!



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