A household chore that is a workout

You’re probably fed up of having to do all your household chores leaving you no time to workout. Are you worried you might start gaining weight because of inability to go to the gym? Don’t you worry now, your household chores are a great exercise and are probably helping you burn a few calories. Some household chores help in toning a particular part of the body, like your arms, or your legs, or your hips while some chores burn calories and many are even considered to be cardiovascular exercises. Among many other, here is a household chore that is a workout.

Scrubbing the bathtub

Cleaning the bath tub is not really the best household chore, but spending about thirty to forty minutes a week to scrub the bathtub will definitely be worth the energy and time. Scrubbing the bathtub gives significant pressure to the triceps and biceps, resulting in toned arms. Stubborn marks on the bathtub will definitely give you an extra work on those arm muscles.

It is said that scrubbing the bathtub for 30 minutes helps you burn calories that are equivalent to 45 minutes of ballroom dancing. Though scrubbing your bathroom might not be as glamorous as ballroom dancing, it is definitely an unavoidable chore. So, why not make the most out of a chore you can’t skip.

Other household chores that act as workouts are racking the leaves, sweeping floors, cleaning windows, etc. It’s great how you’re cleaning your house as well as burning those calories by doing household chores. Start scrubbing the bath tub and burn your calories along with toning those arms!

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