6 Reasons Why You Should Consume Yogurt

Yogurt has been widely accepted as a nutritious and healthy choice for breakfast or even just a snack. It has been popular as a grab-and-go food. But, the benefits of yogurt go beyond convenience. Here are 6 reasons as to why you should consume yogurt:

  • Helps you lose weight

Recent studies have shown that regular intake of yogurt and other dairy products do help to burn your fat fast. On top of that, yogurt’s probiotic agents help with digestion, giving you a flatter belly while helping you lose some pounds. 

  • Stimulates your mood

Yogurt, being a probiotic enriched food, can also act as an antidepressant instead of medicines. Serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for your mood, is regulated by the healthy bacteria in your body.

  • Compliments antibiotics

Even though antibiotics kill diseases, they cause benign bacteria to die. However, yogurt will help you to overcome the side effects of antibiotics and thus work as an antidote.

  • Balances blood sugar

Studies have shown that people who consume yogurt (unfermented and non-skimmed) have a balanced blood sugar level. So, it is recommended you add unfermented and non-skimmed yogurt in your daily meals.

  • Eases digestive system

Yogurt is the only substance which carries Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, a bacteria which accelerates bowel movement. Yogurt can, thus, help improve the inner bowl environment and prevent diarrhea.

  • Acts as a natural shield against diseases

Yogurt stands out among other food due to the presence lactic acid. It prevents the production of cancerous cells by lowering the pH levels. It also prevents asthma and gastrointestinal diseases.

So, make sure you include yogurt in your diet!

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