6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use Facial Primer

A facial primer is a great base for makeup. For makeup to slide and blend easily, a facial primer is the perfect product. Why should you use it? Because, a face primer allows makeup to last longer. If you’re still not convinced, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should use facial primer:

  1. It creates a smooth base for you. A facial primer covers up all the bumps and inconsistencies on your skin before anything else can be applied on top. So, basically it prepares your face for your makeup routine.
  2. It reduces oiliness on your face and particularly the T-zone. Applying face primer hides unnecessary shine from your face and gives it a perfectly smooth and moisturized texture.
  3. It helps cover up wrinkles or fine lines. Basically, a facial primer can help conceal wrinkles and fine lines while preparing your face for other skin care products. 
  4. It reduces inflammation. The redness you may have from the sun or a tiring day at work can be easily combated through the use of a primer.
  5. It helps hydrate your skin. Facial products can be tricky but a good facial primer can make your skin look fresh and natural.
  6. It is easy to apply and some facial primers contain SPF. Along with covering up your face a good facial primer can act as an extra layer of skin protection shielding your face from the harmful sun rays.

Long story short, you should definitely apply a layer of facial primer before you apply any other product on your face. 


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