5 tips on how to boost your metabolism

Losing weight is more a matter of the internal body than what we do externally. No wonder then that there is such a buzz about maintaining an active metabolism. So, here we have 5 tips on how to boost your metabolism:

Increase Mobility

They say sitting is the new smoking meaning sitting for long periods of time should be severely detrimental to your health. So keep moving. Even if you don’t regularly workout, any type of movement can help you boost your metabolism.

Add Lemony Zest To Your Life

Lemons have vitamin C and vitamin C helps boost your metabolism. So adding lemon to your diet will help you boost metabolism and lose weight easily. Therefore, make sure lemon is in almost every meal or drink.

Laugh It Up

Little known fact: Laughing can help you lose weight. A recent study showed that laughing helps you lose calories faster. 15 minutes of laughing equals to 40 less calories. So, laugh away.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a sort of magic potion to increase your metabolism. It can help raise the speed by almost 5 percent and without sweetener, has only 2 to 3 calories. Fall in love with this drink and it will help you back.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a much ignored drink but it definitely shouldn’t be so. Water can help you boost your metabolism and keeping hydrated will help you lose that stubborn fat also known as water weight.

Keep these simple metabolism boosting tricks in mind to make sure you’re adopting a healthy lifestyle!

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