5 Best Dog Breeds For The First Time Owners

Getting a dog is one of the hardest decision in life. The life time commitment. The amazing parts are;

+your best friend will never leave you for another guy/girl,

+s/he will be always there to play with you,

+ s/he will meet with everyone in your life and remember them

+ when you feel sad or happy, s/he will be there and supporting you.

There are also downsides as well, health problems, traveling restrictions and so on.. Choosing the right breed is very important. Here are the top 5 breeds for the 1st time owners;

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever_puppy_loore_pte_article




If you have kids at home, Labs can be the best dogs for you. They are also very loyal.







Weimaraners are very easy to train but not good with other dogs. If you are planning to have only 1 dog and a perfect match, easy listener, check out the weimaraner type/breed dogs.


Jack Russell:






If you have an active life and you are looking for a dog like a “police” style. This is a perfect match made in heaven.





Golden Retriever:




Goldens are highly intelligent dogs. They have the same ancestors with Labs. They are perfect for families. Also, if you are living alone they will be great protectors as well.







Xoloitzcuintli breed is a little different looking but definitely an amazing one. If you are looking for a dog like Goldens and Labs but do not want to deal with shedding. This can be your best choice.



Keynote: As Loore Team, we highly encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters. Please do not buy from breeders and pet shops.

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