4 Things To Consider While Buying Blush

Blush may not be way up in your priority list while doing your makeup but it is the makeup product prevents your face from looking lifeless. It gives your face a much needed healthy glow along with contouring benefits such as higher cheekbone and a wider or narrower face. By now you are probably tempted to get your hands on some blush, but before you go and purchase the first blush out there, here are 4 things to consider while buying blush:

1. The undertone of your skin

When choosing blush, you should always choose the shade that is opposite to the undertone of your skin. This will add depth, dimension and balance to your look. As a rule of thumb, if you have a cool undertone opt for peach-ish toned blush and if you have a warm undertone go for pink-ish toned blushes.

2. Your complexion
With multiple blush shades available in the market, finding the one that suits your complexion could be a daunting task. Various shades suit various skin tones. Be mindful of what complements your skin tone. Soft and light colors makes fair skin pop the most, warm colors suit medium skin while deep colors complement dark skin.

3. Your skin type
One of the most essential things that you must remember whilst buying any facial product, including blush, is your skin type. If you have sensitive or dry skin, go for products that do not have a lot of chemicals in them. Or if you have oily skin, go for powder blushes, especially ones which are long lasting.

4. The various types of blushes
In addition to blushes being available in different shades, they are available in different types as well. You can find cream, powder, liquid and mousse blush. So, you should decide beforehand what type of blush you want to buy and what type suits your skin and application method.

What type of blush are you using?

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