4 reasons why you should eat vegetables daily

“Eat your veggies!” is a statement we have all heard from our parents when we were young and not eating our veggies. As we have grown older we all know that vegetables are good for the body: some for the bones, some for the eyes, and some for the skin. Cut do we really know why we should eat our veggies each day? Here is a list of 4 reasons why you should eat vegetables daily:

Healthy bodily function

Vitamins are necessary in our body to keep it functioning well. Most foodstuffs contain fat-soluble vitamins but not water-soluble vitamins. Vegetables are a source of both. Both these vitamins work together to help the body function well.


Diets rich in fiber help in digesting the food well. Fiber-rich food can move easily through our digestive tract in a healthy way. Vegetables are important in our diet because these are some of the richest sources of fiber.

Healthy bones

Vegetables are a good source of magnesium, calcium and silica. These help to keep bones strong and healthy. Also, vegetables contain vitamin K2 which helps in easier and proper transfer of calcium to the teeth and bones.

Youthful glowing skin

Vegetables are 90% water. This helps in hydrating the skin, avoiding wrinkles and resulting in healthy glowing skin. Sufficient vegetables in diets are said to help reduce other signs of ageing as well.

The benefits of vegetables cannot be contained in only four points. There are so many other benefits of eating vegetables every day. Start eating vegetables daily from today, and experience getting healthier bones, healthier skin and most importantly, a healthier you!

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