3 Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Actually Use


If you are bored from all cheesy candied almonds and cliche wedding favors, this article is for you. It is truly not difficult to find the perfect wedding favor. Here are some amazing ideas that you can implement and buy in affordable rates;

Option 1: Succulents


Succulents are the best options if you want your guests to remember you after your wedding day. They can use these to decorate their work or home spaces. Best part is if they change the pot to a bigger size, the succulents will grow bigger. Another amazing part of this unique gift is, these plants are super easy to take care of. They need very minimal water and survive for a long time. Spice it up also with cute labels and write down your guests’ names. You can easily find these labels in dollar stores.

Option 2: Mason Jars


Mason jars are perfect for any occasion and they look truly beautiful in wedding occasions since glass is perfectly blends with white colors and gold. It is also very easy to emboss names or titles on the glass as well. In Target or even in Walmart you can get small stickies and place on them.

Option 3: Hair Bands


This is another unique way of wedding favors. You can definitely choose different colors. The price is very reasonable (click the link at amazon). You can also use this idea for bridal parties and also baby showers as well.

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