3 Tips for People with Curly Hair

Curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. It is one of the hardest hair types to manage and for those who have no idea how to tame that mane, these tips will help you keep those curls looking healthy and great!

Tip 1: Products

You should avoid silicone based conditioners and sulfate based shampoos. You can opt for more gentle shampoos with less sulfate and use organic conditioners that do not cause a product build up on your scalp. Any hair product should be hydrating and full of moisture to prevent frizz and dryness.

Tip 2: Styling

Styling your surly mane can be very difficult but with the right products it is possible. Using heat tools to style your hair can be very damaging but hair serums and crème mousse can help keep your hair in place. But if you do want to straighten your hair or blow dry it minimize the use of heat tools and use a heat protectant spray to lessen the damage. Curly do’s also look great with bandana or scarves and even letting it free will look great if it is maintained well.

Tip 3: Maintenance

Maintaining your curly hair can be very difficult but with a proper washing routine and the lessened use of heating tools will help your hair look hydrated and tame. Excessive use of shampoo should be limited, you should gently towel dry your hair after washing, use a wide toothed comb after washing and get a trim at least twice a year to avoid split ends. To ensure healthy and hydrated hair, you should massage coconut oil, avocado paste or olive oil into your hair. These products are chemical free and show great results!

Keep your curly hair in check and prepare them for flaunting with these tips.

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