3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shampoo Your Hair Daily

Shampoo gives your hair an instant freshness. It removes grease, makes your hair shinier and softer. But, too much of shampoo, just like anything else could be a bit much. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t shampoo your hair daily. 

1) Chemicals

Each time you shampoo your hair, you’re lathering up your scalp with chemicals with every wash. Many shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, menthylisothiazolinone and paraben. These harmful chemicals don’t just harm your hair. They could interfere with development and reproduction, neurology and immune system. Some shampoos even contain carcinogens, that is associated with various cancers. So, the more frequently you shampoo, the more you expose yourself to all these chemicals.

2) Essential oils

When washing your hair every day in the process of removing the ‘grease’, what you need to realize is that you’re removing all the natural moisture in your hair as well and compensating for it by lathering on more products (and more chemicals)! When our scalp is stripped of the natural essential oil it produces over and over again, the ends of your hair become frizzy and this soon leads to split ends. It’s easier to just cut back on the frequency of shampooing your hair.

3) Oily

The more frequently you shampoo, the more you’re drying your hair out. This means that by the time you’ve got split ends, your body responds by oozing out more sebum into your scalp, therefore making your hair a dozen times oilier. So people choose to shampoo with even more frequency. This is a vicious cycle you should avoid being trapped in.

Rather than shampooing too much and too often, it’s better to leave your hair for at least two days between shampoos. This way you can maintain the luster of your hair. 

How many times a week do you shampoo your hair?

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