3 reasons why you need to be careful about the makeup you’re using


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All of us use makeup for different reasons; some to feel confident, some to hide those dark circles, some to express themselves, some to experiment and some just like that. Whatever reason you have to use makeup, the main point is that it makes you feel better and look better. But what if your makeup isn’t doing well to your skin? Or what if it’s slowly destroying your skin? Here are 3 reasons why you need to be careful about the makeup you’re using:

You might be using expired makeup

The molecules in expired makeup break down to something else, and may react to your skin. Using expired makeup is a nightmare because it is most likely to cause bumps, red spots and blisters. Unbranded expired makeup may even cause swelling of the skin.

Cheap makeup might trigger acne and allergies

There is actually a reason why some makeup is more expensive than the others. Most cheap makeup aren’t hypoallergenic, nonacnegenic and noncomedogenic. Making sure that your makeup is labeled with these three terms is very important because only labeled makeups are less likely to cause allergic reactions, acne and block pores.

You might be using makeup that does not suit your skin

There are different makeups for different skin types. You might be using a makeup that is really for dry skin, but you might have oily skin. This will lead to oilier skin, causing pimples and rashes. To avoid this, you must always make sure your makeup is really made for your skin type.

Now that you know why you’ve started being careful about the makeup you’re using, flaunt that eyeliner and that gorgeous lipstick. Knowing that your makeup isn’t harming your skin is something to celebrate about!

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