3 Outdoor Fitness Activities to Stay Fit During the Summer

During the summer, it’s great to get active outdoors. The sun’s out and sleeves are off. Instead of hiding from the sun and gorging down your favorite snacks, slap on some sunscreen and head out the door to try out some invigorating, challenging and fun activities that’ll surely help you get your summer body. Here are 3 0utdoor fitness activities to stay fit during the summer:

  • Hiking (or walking)

With hills and greenery surrounding us on all sides, there is an abundance of places to go hiking in and around Kathmandu Valley. Hiking a great way to burn calories, tone your legs and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. In one hour of hiking you can burn up to 400 calories! Additionally, hiking will improve your cardiovascular fitness and keep your lungs in tip top shape. Even just taking a daily morning or evening walk is a great way to exercise your muscles.

  • Cycling 

Grab that bicycle that’s been collecting dust in your garage, fill up the tires and head out on city cycle ride. Depending on the speed you ride at and terrain where you’re cycling, this activity will burn 500 to 700 calories per hour. For the more adventurous souls, head out for a trail ride, but be sure to have a proper mountain bike. Don’t forget your helmet  as safety comes first.

  • Swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular summer sports that’ll guarantee a fun workout. This aquatic sport builds endurance, improves flexibility and provides an all-over body workout. You may get a little tanned, but all your muscles will be toned to perfection. An average person can burn from 400 to 600 calories according to the rate at which they swim. Most fitness centers and swimming pools offer swimming lessons for the novice, and dedicated swimmers can get memberships to avoid the hassle of paying every time they swim. So find a pool near you, dive in and cool yourself off!

Try either one of these activities or something else and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest during the summer.

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