3 Easy Steps: How To Create Awesome YouTube Videos?


You don’t have to have expensive camera or lighting to shoot amazing YouTube videos. Here are some amazing tools and tips for you to create stunning videos for your YouTube channel;

Tip #1: Lighting


If you decide to shoot your videos after the day light, this cheap and effective lighting can be your best solution. While it is the best seller in amazon, it truly gives you a $20 amazing quality solution. To buy this lamp, check this link.





Tip #2: Background:

howto-make-money-youtube-The rule of thumb is to have a clean room or at least a tidy room. The camera angle should be shooting a cleaner surface. background then your messy closet. Each video that you shoot will host at least 1 new viewer and it is a good idea to impress every single visitor. If you are not in a mood to clean your room, you can use one of the backdrops which you can find in amazon. This can be another cheap solution as well; link.

Tip #3: Camera:

Canon-PowerShot SX410-IS-Red-loorenow

You might not have the budget to spend $300 for a camera especially if you are student and also getting into YouTube platform new. Here is an amazing choice for you: Canon Powershot SX410. It is only $179 and free shipping in Amazon if you have the prime membership as well. Be sure to check out this camera while it is on the sale; Link.

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