3 anti-aging kitchen ingredients

The best anti-ageing solutions are always in your kitchen! In a world like today, where we have cosmetic products like creams, face-packs, soaps etc. for anti-ageing, we tend to forget about the natural remedies that make your skin look younger. Kitchen ingredients are always the best for skin, especially because they have no chemicals that may harm the skin. To help you through your naturally younger looking skin journey, here is a list of 3 anti-ageing kitchen ingredients:



Drink a glass of kiwi juice or make a kiwi face pack or just eat a kiwi a day to help your skin stay away from the signs of ageing. This is because of the strong antioxidant compounds present in the fruit. It also is rich in Vitamin C and E which are great for reducing skin damage.



Include eggplant in your diet either by drinking its juice or by cooking a vegetable curry to get younger skin. Eggplant is a rich source of anthocyanics, which act as an antioxidant and help in tightening the skin and resulting in reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

green tea

Green tea

Already known for its multiple healthy benefits to the human body, green tea is also great for the skin. From controlling acne to preventing wrinkles and fine lines, drinking a cup of green tea a day can help you better your skin in every way.

Utilize your kitchen ingredients to the fullest and give your skin the best results. Remove your fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and uneven pigmentation with fruits and vegetables available in your kitchen. Try for yourself and realize that this is the easiest, cheapest and safest way to look younger!

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