2 Reasons Why You Should Own A Concealer

Too often, we come across situations that makes us think that the universe really hates us: getting a pimple before an event we’ve been looking forward to, dark circles on picture day and what not. Maybe not as dramatic, but your facial skin could make or break your look. This is where concealers enter the scene and save the day. Here are 2 reasons why concealers are a must have:

1. Flawless face

Concealers may not be able to solve your problems, but they do a great job at hiding them. If you’re concerned about your dark circles showing or a pimple appearing too shiny, then concealers are your best bet at a quick solution. Concealers will make sure to camouflage your skin flaws. Concealers can be used to clean up after and correct makeup mistakes as well. The next time you panic after a winged eyeliner attempt gone wrong, you can count on a concealer to make it right!

2. Versatile investment

Concealers do a lot more than just concealing. If you didn’t already know, concealers are also great as an eyeshadow base. They save you the trouble of having to buy an eye primer separately. If you apply a layer of concealer on your eyelid and set it with powder, your eye shadow is guaranteed to last longer. Applying a thin layer of concealer on your lips before wearing a lipstick can also make your lip color stand out and last longer.

Concealers are the makeup equivalent of correction pens and a lot more. Get yourself a concealer to get that flawless makeup look!

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