15 minute workout that will help you burn calories

Knowing the health hazards of obesity, people have started giving importance to fitness. While some people join the gym and eat healthy, some don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym or preparing healthy meals. For such people, there are many at-home- workouts which require no equipment and only a few minutes. A mixture of cardio and abdominal exercises is best for people trying to burn a few calories. Here is a 15 minute workout that will help you burn calories:

Jumping jacks

At one, keep your feet together and hands down by your side. At two, jump so that your feet are now out to the side. While doing this, raise your arms above your head. Repeat one and two for a full minute.

Sit ups

Knees bend, feet flat, lie on your back on a mat. With fingertips at the back of your ears and shoulder blades back as to let the elbows out to the side, lift your shoulders from the floor towards your knees. Go back to your starting position and lift again.


Hip width apart, arms hanging by the side, stand with proper posture. Then, get into a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you. Then, kick your legs backward to a push up position and do a push up. After you get back up to the push up position, get back to the squat position, then jump up to the starting position.


Knees bent, feet flat, hip-width apart, lie on your back on a mat. With hands at either side of the head, lift your shoulders to about four inches while your lower back is still on the floor. Go back to your starting position and lift again.

High knees

Hip width apart, look straight, arms hanging by the side, stand with proper posture. Lift your knees up to the hip height, jumping from one foot to the other. Let your arms follow the motion.

Spend a minute for each exercise and repeat this workout three times spending about 15 minutes of your total time, burning about 200 calories. Make this routine a process to getting closer to your fitness goals along with staying away from fatal diseases.

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